Give Your Lawn a Healthier Look

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Over time, the grass in your yard can become yellowed and thatched. It's important to freshen it up with power raking from Razor Lawns. We know how to dig up the thatch to make sure that your soil and grass get the nutrients, water and oxygen they need.

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How can you tell when you need power raking?

How can you tell when you need power raking?

If your lawn is thatched, it won't breathe as well as it should. Aerating and power raking are the most common solutions to this problem. By digging up the thatch, we can make your lawn look healthier and allow your grass to thrive.

You'll know you need power raking when you notice:

  • A spongy, reddish-brown mat between the grass and the soil
  • A lot of excess organic debris on your lawn
  • Thatching is more than one inch thick

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